Be grateful and live today

In my life I see many people who only think about their past, what all have been done with them. And some of them only think about their future. But the problem is, we don’t think about what is happening today. We don’t want to stay in our present and why we think about the past they will never come back or future that nobody have seen. We don’t know about what will happen in five minutes. So we should live in our present only everyday say thank you to the God to make you see the one more beautiful morning and don’t let any work pending because tomorrow never comes it also change in today so do whatever you want to do in your life but today only so enjoy your life if you want to say sorry to someone op go and say today only go and so your homework today only be happy on your life if one door close then another door of happiness opens but we lost it because we are lost somewhere by thinking but our past or our future

Sonam Singh