Child marriage during covid

Column by Sonam Singh

During corona virus we all suffered a lot some. People lost their families and some of them lost their dreams. But during this there is something which is happening wrong: many families are putting pressure towards their daughter to get married.
It is only because they think in this situation people will not come and their money will save, but they are not thinking about their daughter. In my family also my uncle did his son’s wedding and the reason was to save some money. Now Prime Minister Modi* also announced for girl to get married after 21 it is very good news for all the girls!


How my life will get effected if I get married

I am 17 years old and I will never agree to marry at the age of a teenager because it will hardly effect on my dreams, my future, the dreams which I am dreaming from my very last years. If I get married then I feel depended on others and I don’t want that. First I want to achieve my goal: make my family and my future bright. When girls get married at a very short age they get lots of responsibilities and they forget all their dreams. Even my big sister also got married at a very short age but it was due to some family problems .

*Narendra Damodardas Modi (Vadnagar, 17 september 1950) is een Indiaas politicus van de Bharatiya Janata-partij (BJP) en huidig minister-president van India.