Corona effects on our life’s!!!

Column van Sadiya

Coronavirus had an very bad impact on our lives of people, so we are. Nowdays it’s tough to earn good amount of money to support life and yes many people get jobless. They are not having their jobs so becoming jobless. I wish if government can do a put some actions on behalf of coronavirus. Many people are affected by this virus and many people got killed too. Hope so everything will become normal as before.

My dad is a hero

dad hero

Now I would like to share a story of my family which is also affected by this infection. My dad could not work and as he was not working he could not even earn basic money to fulfill the requirements of the home. My dad’s work was closed for many months and he was just at home doing nothing but as slowly slowly time passes gradually lockdown finishes. People started doing their job at least they were not sitting idle. My dad also started his work again and I am feeling happy to say that he is earning enough to give us a good and normal life for me my dad is a hero. He always tries his best to feed us properly no matter how much hard work he need to put in. Now my family is also normal as before this virus started.

Hopefull everyone’s life will become good and great again


held papa