Covid 19

Column Sonam Singh

Nowdays the whole world is facing a disaster. A dangerous disease which kills billions or more people. Many lost their mother, sister, brother, husband and many more. India almost fought with this disease but now it has been spread a lot. This is second time and it is more dangerous than before. People are not getting admitted in hospitals because all beds are full and now lots of people died because there was not sufficient oxygen. Even people are dying outside the hospital. The place where we are living are now here we came to know that 8 people die in one day because they do not get oxygen. People are using double masks also even though it is increasing a lot. States are been locked. It is the time when we should wear two mask or if we don’t have second mask we should put a scarf, on our face so that we get protected. In India elections are also happening, lots of people are gathering in roads which is not safe. Our protection is in our hands_.

We all are too scared about this disease. In our colony many people are Corona positive and many died. My family and me our just praying for everyone that everyone should be safe. We all should show some compassion for others. We should help them. I was not happy because we all did lots of hardwork for our board exams but as we all came to know that the exams has been canceled which is bad news but yes it is safe for me and all other students. In Delhi around 6 lakh students were going to give there exams and 1 lakh teachers, government will not take this much risk so they canceled it. As Corona is increasing my mom is not going for work. My mom where she works they asked my mom not to come and my mom is in big tention that how she will handle everything. We all hope as soon as possible this disease may go and everyone should be safe.

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