How it feels to be a girl

Column Sadhiya

Now days, its nog easy to be a girl as we all know that rape cases, not just only in India, but throughout the world it’s increasing fastly.
Women are not free in any manner. Tthey are not even allow to wear theur favorite clothings.
However girls have gaines popularities among boys but still most people of the society want a baby boy as their first child.
And yes.Even after all such, things girls are doing their best for making their families life better.
I also want to drag your attention toward a very important hing that, in day to day life women work one hour more than the man but still women are paid less even if both the genders are doing the same work.
We all, have moved to a ‘better societies’, but these says also women are treated unequally. I hope one day it will be possible where all boys ans girls will be treated ‘equally’and both of them will have same ‘respect’ in this world.

Thank you!

column Sadiya