Innovative ideas for making education accessible to all

Column Sadiya

In a society where education is so much important for everyone and because of our minds only we have reached to a place where everywhere is Technology and Science but can you imagine there are still some poor strata of society who cannot afford the education fees .
So, as the active citizen of this world we must put some innovative ideas which can help our government in order to make education accessible to all for free if they are from underprivileged families.
1 we must read the Awareness of education to all people.
2 We must support children if we can.
3 we can make education system for free for poor family kids.
4 our government can also make schools in every with every village so people will understand the value of education and there are chances that they will send their children to school.
5 we can give scholarships to students to it will encourage them for studying and students of low profiles can also have chance to study in good and disciplined schools and colleges we can also help in uprising of quality of education.
6 live streaming is also one of the best ways through which students can study anywhere anytime Although we all know education is very necessary for our youth because this youth is the future of our upcoming life So, help this youth in order to access the education .


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