My best friend

Column Sonam Singh

My best friend name is Deepak. The qualities that I Love most about him is he always guide me in the right direction. In my life he is very important because we share our problems with each other and find solutions. I have lots of memories with him like to dance in the rain, splash the rain water on each other, sharing our work, food, problems. When ever i fell sad he become the reason of my smile. I don’t want to lost him because he always listen to me. We gave each other the promise to work hard and to be successful in our lives. When we meet we make jokes of each other and give the funny names to each other and laugh together.

For me having best friend means I don’t need thousands to be my friends only one is enough for me and I surely believe I will never lost him. The fact that I love about our friendship is that we can make fun of each other but we never conclude the third person to enter in our friendship. He always encourages me and protects me. By returning from tution I always used to be afraid but he gave me the courage. He is the one who knows all my secrets and I know his also. In our lives there should be one best friend whether he is Male or femaleMM

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