My life

Column Sadiya

It really feels great after going to a private school. In my life I have dreamed of getting in a good and reputed school.
I am a very normal student I used tot study in Literacy India School without knowing that I can also get sponsorships from literacy as well.

I used to look up to those children, who were already being sponsored by Literacy. I used to think may be one day I can also be there although I never knew it could be possible one day

And now as I am in Rotary Public School I really want to thank my sponsors and all the people who have worked for it and now it is my dream to make my ‘Donar’proud on me.

It quite fels different as now I am in private school. All the things have changed from past; the study level, tension and many more but in the end of the day it feels fantastic to be a student of such school.

I feel lots of differences like school building structure, school atmosphere, teachers and as well as students behaviour, but now as the time gradually passes I have adjusted my self into all such things and just trying my best to work hard and do all those afforts which will bring ‘smile’ to my sponsors face.

column Sadhiya