My sister

Column by Sonam

When my sister was 2 years old she had diarrhea and due to that she faced a problem: her one eye got incorrect from the right place. When she was 8 years old she left her studies and start working in others house because our father was ill he had stomach cancer. Due to all focus on studies she forgot all the studies she did and after sometime our father was died and our whole family faced many problems. She started working to pay the loan that we took from others. We sold our village house also.

Now my mom thought to marry her. She found a boy for her, but he rejected her only because of her eye. But the boy wants to marry me instead and then after listening to him we all cried. Then my mom took a loan from others for the operation of her eyes.

I think she is a very brave woman who work for us and sacrifices her study to make me go to school today . Whatever I am is only because of her. I will never be able to pay her back for her sacrifices.