Onze contactpersoon in India


Radhika is onze contactpersoon in India. Zij ondersteunt de meisjes op lokaal niveau door persoonlijke begeleiding en hulp.

Radhika vertelt:

More than 10 years ago I worked as a House Maid  in houses, I did this from when I was 9 years old. This was to help my mother with the finances after my father passed away. I really wanted to go to school but that was not possible. One day Margreth Mam suddenly appeared and asked me, why aren’t you at school? I explained my situation to her and Margreth Mam gave me the chance of a lifetime. I finally went to school. Since November last year I started a 3 year course at an university. My life has changed so much because of this incredible opportunity that I grabbed with both hands. I now have a bright future. That’s why I said yes when Margreth Mam asked me to help the Care for Girls Foundation. I am now the contact person for all the girls and their families, the schools,  and tutoring centers.
I buy the books, uniforms for the girls and if necessary I arrange dentist appointments and the appointments with the doctor. All this in direct consultation with the Foundation. This way I can pass on the motivation and do something that really matters.