Problems facing by people due to covid19

Column Sonam Singh

Corona virus is now all over the world, and due to it many families lost their family members some lost their brother some lost their husband and so on.

Due to it people who are poor are suffering a lot, after a long lockdown now people again return to Delhi for work but here there is no work, people are employed in very few wages.

In my family also only my big sister is working and my brother and mother is unemployed but my mom is in some tension. All the time she thinks how we will eat food if we are unemployed it’s really difficult to manage all the things with only one person’s earning. Everyday both my mom and brother went outside searching for work but now there is no work, there used to be four workers in a shop but now due to covid19 there are only two people, my mom every day walks far and then still she don’t find work. And in transports they are taking double charges but we believe we will fight in any situation we will overcome of any problem.