A few little sad memories of my past

Dit is het eerste artikel van Sonam.

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My age is 16
I have 7 members in my family.
My mom is 39 years old. She is a house maid.
My father passed 10 years back.
He was 35.
My small sister is 11years old and my brother age is 17.

Article 1

We all were living a better life. We had two houses in my village.
But one day when my father suddenly got faint. Then we all got in tension. My father went to many doctors in Delhi, but every day his illness was increasing.
Then finally we went to our village with all my siblings (brothers and sisters) including me. We were very small, so we could’nt do anything.

When there was no money left, we sold our house.

Article 2

When we sold our house. Then we started living in my relatives house. Today also I remebered my mom & dad used to lived in the hospital and my two big sisters left their studies and started working. Now me and my siblings started living in other’s house, they even sometimes don”t give us food to eat. Many times we slept hungry. And when they gave us food they gave chapati and a onion to eat. We used to slept on the ground even in winters also.

Article 3

We all were in so pain. And I remembered the time also when they refused to give food to us and many times we eat the rice that were dameged and many worms were there in that. Many times me and my brother run to find out our parents, but we were to small then they beat us. That all moments were so bad.
One day when we were shifting our father to another hospital. Then suddenly my father got so much pain and we were having no water to give him. Then a lady gave us.

Article 4

After that my mom was walkin and she went to drink water from a well, when we reached at our village and suddenly we found that she was going inside the ground and then we all were crying, ath the moment we felt that we lost our mom, but ohowever we saved our mom.
I was just six years old at that time.
My whole family was in big shock after knowing that our dad is suffering from stomach cancer.
Many times we walked many kilometers to go to another village and asked for money.